Company History

Scott, the principle owner of Douglas Designs, started collecting gems at a young age. At 18 he worked for Kay Jewelers, eventually starting his own company at age 20. By 22 he had his own retail jewelry store, Douglas Diamonds Corporation. Over the next 10 years, Douglas Diamonds grew rapidly and became known as a high quality jewelry manufacturer and refiner. Scott built an enormous repair business, and started branching out into wholesale, picking up several jewelry store clients. In 2012 he created Jackaroo Mining Group, a family owned mining company that currently has 9 gold and silver mines spread across Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Idaho. Scott’s largest mine, the Constitution Mine in Idaho, has 5 levels, over 14,000 linear feet of tunnel, and is over 1800ft deep at it’s deepest point. In July of 2014, Scott took a break from retail and closed Douglas Diamonds, while opening his new jewelry manufacturing company Douglas Designs. After 3 years of working exclusively in wholesale, while still catering to an increasing demand from his previous clientele, Douglas Designs opened a retail location at the Coventry Mall in Pottstown, PA. The store is unique in that it gives customers the ability to see the entire design process from start to finish. Customers can watch their piece be cast from the front window, or watch the jewelers setting and polishing!

Our Team

Scott D. Boyer

Scott is the co-owner and head designer of Douglas Designs. He has worked in the jewelry industry for 24 years and is an appraiser, designer, and bench jeweler. He is a Certified Diamontologist and Guild Gemologist with the Diamond Council of America. He is also a Certified Sales Professional and Certified Management Professional with Jewelers of America and has completed courses with the Gemological Institute of America. Scott primarily uses the laser when doing bench repairs and is proficient in Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum, and Base Metals. Scott is the senior designer for custom jewelry at Douglas Designs and creates, alters, and approves all custom builds for the company. Most of his design work is done in CAD, using the latest jewelry design software's available. He also manages all rapid prototyping, as well as casting services. Scott’s favorite gemstones and gemological focuses are Tanzanite, Alexandrite, and Fancy Colored Diamonds.

Rebecca L. Boyer

Rebecca is Scott's beautiful wife, co-owner of Douglas Designs, and manages all aspects of the company. She has worked in the jewelry industry for 7 years. She is currently working on her Diamontology certification with Diamonds Council of America and is taking courses in CAD. As the company manager she oversees all wholesale accounts, manages the flow and quality control of the repair shop, manages the employees of the company, and ensures that all jobs are completed in a timely fashion and to the degree of craftsmanship that Douglas Designs demands. Rebecca's favorite gemstones are also Tanzanite and Alexandrite.

Deborah A. Boyer

Debbie is responsible for assisting guests, online sales, and restringing. She has worked in the shop since its opening. She is a very creative designer, coming up with very unique creations. Debbie is a Certified Diamontologist with the Diamond Council of America and is currently working towards her Guild Gemology Certification. Debbie’s favorite gemstone is Zultanite.

Julia Potts

Julia has been a bench jeweler for 31 years. She is extremely talented at sketching and building designs as well as engraving and stone cutting! Julia has degrees in Stone Setting and Repairs from Stewart's International School for Jewelers, a diamonds degree from the Gemological Institute of America, and has won the Pennsylvania Keystone Award "Excellence in Jewelry Design" over multiple years. Julia does work with the torch and the laser and is proficient in Gold, Silver, Palladium, and Platinum. She is also a designer and works hard designing and building custom pieces for the store's Signature Line of one-of-a-kind jewelry. Julia also does the majority of jewelry repairs that come into the store as well as finishing and setting custom designs.

Sylvia B. Spayd

Sylvia is responsible for assisting guests that visit our store as well as coming up with unique and fun displays for the finished pieces in the store. She has a talented and creative eye which she enjoys utilizing with the custom ideas that customers bring in. She has worked in the jewelry industry for 3 years and her favorite gemstone is Dark Blue Sapphire!

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