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Scott D. Boyer

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“To help you grow your jewelry store by providing repair, manufacturing, and support services as fast as possible, in the highest qualities possible.”



Part of growing your store is offering
completely custom-made pieces.
All of our custom manufactured
jewelry is manufactured right here in
our shop in Reading, PA. No “Made
in China” parts, imported materials, or outsourced work. 

Here are some more reasons to use Douglas Designs Manufacturing to catapult your store to the next level:



Our award-winning jewelers have a combined eighty years of experience in the jewelry design and manufacturing industry.


Depending on its complexity, a custom-made piece from scratch can be made in as little as a week, and we even offer a 24-hour express turn-around. 


We use the latest technology available to create custom items. This includes laser and torch techniques. We also model each piece in our 3D CAD software, and then print a resin model before beginning work on it. You and your customer can view the piece on screen, fully rendered and looking complete, as well as try on the model before we even begin work on it! This prevents mistakes and miscommunications between the customer and jeweler and also allows the customer who may have trouble “visualizing” the
piece, a full view!

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