Why Buy from Us?

What’s the difference between Douglas Designs and every other jeweler?


The vast majority of retail jewelry stores buy their jewelry from a designer or manufacturer, then mark it up and sell it to you. Some mark it WAY up and then apply a heavy discount to make you feel like you’re getting a deal. Some designers produce domestically, but a large majority is made overseas, mostly in China.


At Douglas Designs, we are the manufacturer. Every piece we build is made, start to finish, right here in our shop. Some pieces are cast, and others are built entirely by hand. On average, our prices are about half as much as other jewelers when building a comparable piece. That means you get a domestic, high quality, custom built piece for half as much as a made in China, average quality, stock piece at another store. A piece that thousands of others own an exact copy of!


We also offer cutting edge technologies, including CAD, rapid prototyping (3d printing), video chat design sessions, and much more. Imagine having a face to face design session from the comfort of your own home via video chat! Once we do the design, we'll print a model of the finished piece that you can try on before you commit to the design. That way we're sure and you're sure that the design is exactly what you want!


Our store located in Coventry Mall allows customers to watch their piece be created right before their eyes!

The Future of Jewelry Stores


The Millenials are in full swing, and Generation Z is rapidly approaching the age when engagement rings and wedding bands become a reality. For hundreds of years, jewelry has been sold the same way. You walk into a jewelry store, you're shown some choices, and you make your decision.

Well, that's not going to be working much longer! With the internet and the unfathomable amount of information that is available, people just aren't happy with having 100 choices, when what they want is infinite choices.


With CAD technology becoming more accessible, and rapid prototyping coming to homes, people are now able to sit down and design completely one-of-a-kind rings with little effort. Jewelers must stop resisting this change, and start embracing it. Jewelers that refuse to offer custom, and that refuse to offer fast service, will be left behind, and eventually disappear.


Soon, customers will be able to sit down with a jeweler, design a piece, 3d print it in an hour to try it on, and have the finished product in their hands in a matter of days. At Douglas Designs, we already have the ability to do that, and the response we receive from customers is tremendous. If you're one of those customers that is content with limited selection and mass produced pieces, then we're probably not the jeweler for you. But, if you want to make something unique, that reflects your personality in the piece, or, if you've been looking all over and still not finding anything that really speaks to you, then get in contact with us. We'll make something special, just for you, and the cost will be half as much as a corporate store "cookie cutter" piece!


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